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Did You or a Loved One Develop Complications Post-Surgery?

How does an infection after surgery happen? The patient may have had a reaction that leads to an infection, which is not uncommon and can occur naturally. On the other hand, the infection may have occurred that had nothing to do with your body’s reaction, but because of a surgeon or medical staff error. If you have suffered due to this, please reach out as soon as possible to our West Virginia medical malpractice lawyers. Berthold Law Firm, PLLC has successfully helped numerous clients find rightful compensation. We have a distinguished reputation in West Virginia. We are not afraid to fight for our clients and take cases all the way to trial if necessary!

The Effects of Surgical Infection

An infection occurs because bacteria or another type of pathogen has entered the body at some point during or after the surgery. This may be due to unsanitary conditions or unsterilized equipment. The surgeon may not be aware that the tools have not been sterilized, which points to a lack of adherence to standard hospital procedure of keeping all surgical instruments pristine.

In your malpractice claim, we must prove that the following occurred:

  • The surgeon, hospital, or medical staff was negligent in providing the right standard of care
  • The infection occurred because the surgeon, hospital, or medical staff was negligent

Furthermore, to prove that the surgeon was negligent, you must provide the following evidence:

  • The doctor showed unreasonable care. Another surgeon in the same situation, with the same skill, education, and training, would not have performed the duties with the same degree of negligence.
  • The hospital or facility failed to provide a safe, sterile environment and disobeyed the standard level of expected cleanliness.

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If you or a loved one has suffered, our West Virginia medical malpractice attorneys can assist you. We all hold doctors to a certain standard and that the pressures of their job can be overwhelming at times. They must still adhere to the regulations and guidelines of their practice.

This is why you must contact Berthold Law Firm, PLLC. We have a combined 70+ years of experience and work tirelessly to help our clients obtain the maximum possible financial compensation.

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