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Can Brain Injuries Sustained at Birth Get Worse Over Time?

Can Brain Injuries Sustained at Birth Get Worse Over Time?

It is always devastating when a baby sustains an injury at birth, but it is particularly harmful when the injury is a result of the negligence of a medical professional.

When babies sustain brain injuries at birth, many wonder whether the injuries get worse over time. Read on to find out.

It May Be Possible for a Brain Injury at Birth to Get Worse Over Time

This is not to say that all brain injuries will get worse over time. Some brain injuries sustained at birth may have the potential to exacerbate as time goes on.

Secondary Brain Injuries

Complications that materialize after the trauma of the original injury, like hematomas or infections, are considered secondary brain injuries. These kinds of injuries have the potential to cut off blood circulation in particular areas of the brain, which kills neurons.

It’s important to keep in mind that the impacts of dead brain cells are not always seen right away. This is why some people who have sustained brain injuries at birth experience symptoms that get worse as time passes.

Chemical Transformations

After suffering the initial trauma of the brain injury, it is possible for harmful chemical events to occur within the brain and may be another reason why people who suffer brain injuries at birth experience worsening symptoms over time.

Additionally, if someone who suffers a brain injury at birth does not get the proper treatment needed to heal the brain, then his or her symptoms may get worse.

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