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Product Liability

Charleston Product Liability Lawyer

Our Firm Can Seek Compensation

If you have been injured or harmed in any way during the routine use of a product, our Charleston product liability attorneys may be able to help. An injury can be a severe financial burden, causing you to miss work and forcing you to pay expensive medical bills. In more severe product liability cases, permanent disability or long-term illness can prohibit working and rob you of income.

When a product or drug you have bought and used as intended causes an injury, the manufacturers, distributors, and retailers may be held accountable under Charleston product liability law. 

Our lawyers can help you fight for the fair compensation you deserve due to your pain and suffering. Additionally, we can help family members of victims who were killed as a result of a dangerous or defective consumer product in recovering restitution for your loss.

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What is Considered a Defective Product?

Usually the products we buy in stores are safe to use, however, on occasion a product can be extremely harmful. This can include a defect in a single version of a product that one consumer has purchased or an inherent flaw in the product design.

 Producers and distributors of products have an obligation to consumers to make sure that their products are safe. If the producers do not properly label their product to warn consumers of its inherent dangers, they are liable under Charleston product liability law.

All persons involved in the sale of a product can be held liable, from the manufacturer of the component parts, to the retail store owner. If you were injured as a result of a defective product, including defective drugs, seek legal assistance as soon as possible. 

At our Charleston, West Virginia firm, the product liability lawyers will work to investigate your claim and ensure your rights are protected.

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