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OSHA Violations

OSHA Violations

Charleston Workplace Accident Attorney

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) enforces a strict standard of safety for employees in order to protect workers from preventable injuries and fatalities. However, hundreds of employees sustain serious injuries while working every year.

Under OSHA, employees have the right to:

  • A safe work environment
  • File a complaint with OSHA
  • Free from retaliation for exercising safety and health rights
  • Have the ability to complain or request hazard correction from employer
  • Hazard exposure and medical records
  • Information about injuries and illnesses in the workplace
  • Participate in an OSHA inspection
  • Training

If your workplace isn’t up to OSHA standards, your safety may be in serious danger. After an accident, you may be overwhelmed with expensive medical bills, missed wages, and a bountiful amount of pain and suffering.

Common Types of OSHA Violations

OSHA’s most frequently violated regulations occur in the industrial field. Due to the dangerous conditions workers must experience on a daily basis, it’s important for employers to uphold strict safety procedures. Unfortunately, not all companies or corporations adhere to these protocols.

The most common cited OSHA violations include:

  • Fall protection – Typically experienced in the construction industry, fall protection must be provided at elevations of six feet or higher, especially above dangerous machinery
  • Scaffolding – OSHAs general requirements for scaffolding include weight capacity and fall protection
  • Machine guarding – Any potentially hazardous moving machines must be guarded, covered, shield, or enclosed by railing in order to prevent injuries such as amputations, blindness, burns, or crushed hands
  • Ladders – All ladders must be adequate enough of supporting and consist of safe design of ladder rungs, cleats, and steps
  • Powered industrial trucks – This includes tractors, forklift trucks, platform lift truck, or any other type of industrial truck equipped with fire protection, design, and maintenance safety measures

Not all work-related injuries occur as a result of an accident. Sometimes, the job itself can cause physical or psychological wear and tear which may develop into a disorder which can interfere with work performance and even a worker’s personal life.

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