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Failure to Order Medical Tests

Failure to Order Medical Tests or Communicate Results

All doctors should know that to treat a serious medical condition, early detection and treatment is key to securing a promising prognosis for the patient. The way a doctor diagnoses a patient is by issuing laboratory tests and other diagnostic exams to evaluate the patient internally. When a doctor fails to order these tests or the technician commits a serious error during the test, they may be liable for any adverse or detrimental effects that a patient might suffer, including improper or delayed treatment of their medical condition.

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Why Prompt Treatment Is Critical

A severe or terminal illness such as cancer must be detected immediately to ensure prompt medical treatment. The only way to know if a patient is suffering is through diagnostic testing, such an X-ray, MRI, CT scan, and mammogram, all of which are used to detect the signs of cancer. That is when malpractice and doctor negligence occurs.

These are the elements of doctor negligence:

  • The doctor owes the patient the standard duty of care.
  • The doctor went against that duty.
  • The patient became injured, or his or her medical condition worsened because of breach of duty.
  • The patient suffered as a result.

The patient and doctor must be on the same page regarding how they would like to approach the treatment of the illness. Patients should hold their doctors accountable for failing to report the test results accurately and or failing to issue any tests at all. As Charleston failure to order medical tests lawyers, our commitment is to ensuring that your rights are protected and to provide you with support necessary to ensure you obtain rightful compensation.

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