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Common Causes of Traumatic Brain Injuries


Americans experience nearly 3 million traumatic brain injuries each year. Put another way, nearly 1 in 100 people in the US suffer a serious brain injury each year. These injuries are extremely common, and almost always the direct result of a traumatic incident. That’s why our attorneys have put together this list of the most common causes of traumatic brain injuries.


Falls make up almost half of all adult brain injuries in the US. Unlike other causes, they are also responsible for the majority of traumatic brain injuries in small children and the elderly. There are many reasons for a fall, however wet floors and icy stairs are common culprits.

The brain injury comes about when someone hits their head on an object or the floor as they fall to the ground. In some cases, the first blow may knock the victim unconscious, which leaves them unable to brace themselves before their head hits the ground. Trauma-induced unconsciousness is extremely dangerous and warrants immediate medical attention.

Strikes from Objects

Falling objects make up roughly 1 in 8 traumatic brain injuries. Like a slip and fall, a falling object can potentially hit the victim twice, once as the object falls and then again when the victim falls to the ground. However, the weight of the falling object may cause additional injuries, such as a fractured skull.

While these injuries are often unexpected, it’s important to wear a protective helmet if you suspect you’ll be around falling debris.

Auto Accidents

The number of traumatic brain injuries caused by auto accidents are comparable to those caused by strikes. The force of a collision is often enough to cause a concussion or brain damage. Likewise, deploying airbags may cause a mild or even moderate concussion. After a car crash, it’s best to seek immediate medical attention.

If you or someone you love suffered a serious brain injury because of someone else’s actions, you might have a case. If you’d like an experienced Charleston brain injury attorney from the Berthold Firm to evaluate your case, don’t hesitate to send us an email or call (304) 605-2040.