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A large number of us across the country are dependent on medications to maintain our health. These drugs are manufactured on a daily basis. Many scientists, as well as medical professionals, are constantly developing and improving the drugs to make them work more efficiently.

The problem is that with so much emphasis on production and speed, many elements can fall by the wayside, and a patient can suffer from a medical reaction. Without the proper treatment to prevent or address an adverse reaction, the patient can suffer severe and even fatal consequences. If you have had a poor reaction to medication, please do not hesitate to reach out to our West Virginia medication error lawyers to learn more about your legal rights.

Investigating Medication Errors

At Berthold Law Firm, PLLC, our focus is on taking care of our clients. Your satisfaction is important to us. We use our knowledge of the laws and our experience working with medical professionals to investigate the cause of medical malpractice and medication errors.

Some of the most common medication reactions we have seen include the following:

  • Patient is not given medication when needed or to address an emergency
  • Patient is given an insufficient or the wrong dosage
  • Patient is given the wrong type of medication
  • The doctor or physician fails to prescribe the medication when needed

Our West Virginia medical malpractice lawyers look at every detail involving your case. There may have been a discrepancy in how the doctor viewed your chart or interpreted the results of a laboratory exam. We want to make absolutely certain that negligence played a role in your case. Then we begin the course of taking legal action to help you pursue justice.

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