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Property Contamination in West Virginia

Have You Suffered From Land or Water Contamination By Oil Companies?

Oil and gas companies provide an economic boost in the region they occupy by creating employment opportunities, bolster local businesses, leasing and purchasing property; however, these endeavors have an immense potential to contaminate the land. Corporations which demonstrate blatant negligence and reckless behavior can severely damage landscapes, pollute water and land supplies with toxic waste and chemicals, and abandon equipment which exposes the residents to danger. Due to these indifferent actions, residents and property owners may face significant health problems and financial debt, such as their property’s market value declining because of the contamination.

The property contamination attorneys at Berthold Law Firm, PLLC, are dedicated to assisting West Virginia residents whose rights have been violated by companies involved in oil and gas operations. With nearly 70 years of collective trial experience, our firm provides the legal support you need to put this messy situation behind you for good.

Types of Property Contamination

In regard to cleaning up waste and maintaining a safe environment, the corporations have an obligation to uphold. They institute safety procedures, but typically don’t follow through, even ignoring governmental regulations. Production waste can sterilize soil, infect vegetation, and permeate through the area’s lakes, rivers, creeks, wells, and aquifers, leading to contaminated water supplies which people depend on for drinking, cleaning, and cooking.

Types of property contamination include:

  • Brownfields
  • Indoor air quality
  • Mold infestation
  • Leaking underground storage tanks
  • Superfund (CERCLA)
  • Water pollution

Protecting Your Land and Your Rights

Our Charleston property contamination attorneys have won millions of dollars for our clients who have been wronged and sought justice. Our experienced personal injury team will conduct a thorough investigation into your case, reviewing the evidence and speaking with witnesses in order to clearly prove the negligence of these companies. With us by your side, you or your home shouldn’t suffer these circumstances without a fight.

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