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When Should a Doctor Perform an Emergency C-Section?

When Should a Doctor Perform an Emergency C-Section?

You never want to experience a situation in which your child suffers harm because of a doctor’s negligent actions. However, it’s an unfortunate problem that occurs far more often than it should, and it’s often the result of a medical professional not recognizing a problem.

While you would love to have a natural childbirth, certain situations may call for you to have an emergency cesarean section. Here’s when doctors should make the decision, and if they don’t, it can lead to severe harm.

Prolonged Labor

When labor reaches a state of being prolonged (typically longer than 20 hours), the baby can experience distress. In these situations, the doctor may need to order an emergency cesarean section to prevent the baby from experiencing any kind of injuries.


Macrosomia is a medical term that indicates your baby is much bigger than his or her gestational age. It stems from the mother having diabetes or obesity, or a baby going weeks beyond the due date. In these situations, the baby is too big for the birth canal, meaning a potential for issues.

For instance, if you try to naturally deliver your baby who has macrosomia, you could end up with the baby stuck behind the cervix. The pressure could result in shoulder dystocia or other problems, and a C-section may need to be performed.

Fetal Distress

In any case where fetal distress may be detected and identified as a potential danger to your child, a C-section may be necessary to prevent an issue. For instance, if your baby is not getting enough oxygen to his or her brain, it can lead to countless issues, such as cerebral palsy. A cesarean section can help alleviate the problem before it worsens.

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