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Truck & Car Accidents Caused by Tire Defects


Car accidents and truck accidents alike are undoubtedly caused most of the time by some form of driver negligence, be it distraction, intoxication, or something else. However, some of the worst traffic collisions are actually not caused by a driver at all, but an auto product manufacturer. In particular, tire defects have been a continual worry and danger for years.

When a tire is manufactured poorly, it can cause the imperfections in the threading and treads of the tire. Weakened threading in the tire’s rubber will start to pull apart, much like the fabric in a piece of clothing. The result can be a sudden rip or rupture while the vehicle is in motion, causing loss of control and a violent crash. Malformed treads are also more susceptible to puncture and popping.

What You Can Do to Protect Yourself from Tire Defects

If you want to do what you can to make certain you are never in a car accident due to a defective tire, then you should start by looking up the serial number of your tire in recall lists. Each tire sold in the United States has a Tire Identification Number (TIN), which follows the letters “DOT” on the outside wall of the tire. Find the TIN of your tires and type it into the helpful recall search at If your tire is named in a recall, please contact the manufacturer or a local mechanic for replacement.

You should also always make certain your tires are inflated to the right PSI. Overinflating your tire can put more stress on threading, increasing the chances of a tear. Underinflating your tire makes it difficult to control your vehicle, especially on turns. Look inside the driver’s side door at the bottom for a decal that shows the recommended PSI for tires placed on your vehicle.

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Who is Responsible for Dangerous Medication & Prescription Errors?

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Medication & Prescription Errors | Charleston Injury Attorneys

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When a medical provider makes a prescription or medication error, it can cause disastrous consequences. Learn more by visiting our blog today.

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Who is Responsible for Dangerous Medication & Prescription Errors?

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Medical providers all have the responsibility of prescribing only medication that will benefit their patients, based on a careful diagnosis. Making a mistake along the way can be disastrous, as we explain in our blog:

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Medication and prescription errors conducted by negligent medical providers lead to patient harm each and every day. In our blog, we talk about the dangers of prescription mistakes, and what to do if you ever suffer an injury due to one:

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We discuss the dangers of medication and prescription errors in our Charleston personal injury law firm’s blog:


Prescription medication is at the forefront of modern medicinal care. When people catch a contagious illness or need to prevent one, it falls upon a medical provider to diagnose the issue and select the right prescription. When carefulness and deliberateness are used at each step in this process, some of the worst diseases can be alleviated thanks to advanced medicine. On the other hand, if neglect occurs at any point, then the result can be disastrous for the patient.

Types of Prescription Errors

As unthinkable as it might be, prescription errors happen around the calendar in our country. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) estimates medication errors cause more than 7,000 deaths a year. Some occur when a patient is given the wrong dosage, or even the wrong drug. Others happen due to overlooked patient allergies, or when they are provided a hazardous combination of medications to use together. There are even cases when a prescription error occurs because a pharmacist cannot read a medical provider’s handwriting, or passes the prescription to the wrong person in line.

Have Prescription Errors Caused the Opioid Epidemic?

In recent years, medication errors have been under the spotlight as the opioid epidemic continues to worsen. Dozens of Americans each day are losing their lives due to opioid addiction side effects and overdoses. Some believe the blame must fall upon medical providers, at least in part.

In the early years of opioid’s popularity, medical providers were assured by pharmaceutical companies that opiates were not dangerous and not addictive. The statements would later be proven untrue through ample research and reports. Liability could be put on a medical provider if they continued to prescribe opioids after learning of their addictive properties, especially if prescribed to a patient with known issues with addiction.

Charleston Prescription Error & Defective Drug Attorneys

After being hurt by a defective drug, or falling ill due to being prescribed the wrong medication, you deserve compensation for your damages and undue pain and suffering. Berthold Law Firm, PLLC and our Charleston personal injury lawyers are here to help you file your claim against the appropriate parties. Whether your case can be resolved out-of-court in a settlement or needs to go before a judge for litigation, you can depend on us to be there for you.

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