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What is Insurance Bad Faith?
What is Insurance Bad Faith?

Whenever you suffer a loss that is supposed to be covered by your insurance provider, you hope that they will properly adjust your claim and abide by the terms of your policy. After all, you pay a monthly premium, often amounting to thousands of dollars each year for ...

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Blog posts in Car Accident

  • Should You Deal with Your Insurance Company Alone?

    Following a motor vehicle accident — or any sort of accident that leaves you with a personal injury and medical bills — your insurance company will ...

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  • What to Learn from USDOT 2016 Fatal Traffic Crash Data

    In order to prevent car accidents , it is important to first understand them. Specifically, researchers need to gain knowledge about the most common ...

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  • Truck & Car Accidents Caused by Tire Defects

    Car accidents and truck accidents alike are undoubtedly caused most of the time by some form of driver negligence, be it distraction , intoxication , ...

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  • When a Motorcycle Accident is Actually Caused by Other Drivers

    There is an unfortunate and misplaced bias against motorcycle riders from coast-to-coast. Possibly due to the entertainment industry, people tend to ...

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  • Safe Driving in Snow & Ice

    For people all around the country, February proved to be the coldest leg of winter so far. Mountains that have not seen snow in a while have recently ...

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  • How Safe is Lane-Keeping Assistance Technology in the Cars of the Future?

    The people of the future want smarter, safer automobiles with advanced technology to help prevent car accidents . Automakers from around the globe are ...

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  • Truck Driver Substance Abuse

    Drugged and drunk driving is a huge issue in the United States and around the world, a problem that has spanned decades. While organizations like ...

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  • When You Need to Hire a Personal Injury Attorney

    Depending on the circumstances of your personal injury claim, you might need the expertise of skilled Charleston, personal injury attorney. If the ...

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  • Drive Safe Tips 2017

    Each year, the CDC reports over a million car accidents nationwide. As we move into 2017, now is as good a time as any to consider safer driving ...

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