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When a Motorcycle Accident is Actually Caused by Other Drivers


There is an unfortunate and misplaced bias against motorcycle riders from coast-to-coast. Possibly due to the entertainment industry, people tend to believe that all motorcyclists are reckless and all motorcycles are dangerous by design. Of course, this is not true and far too generalized.

The reality is that many motorcycle accidents are not caused at all by the motorcycle rider involved. Instead, a driver has made a terrible mistake and caused the crash. Yet the preexisting bias against motorcyclists makes proving liability and recovering damages through fair compensation an uphill battle for many riders. To dismiss the prejudice, it is useful to understand how other drivers often do contribute to motorcycle accidents.

Motorcycle accidents caused by other drivers include:

  • When a driver approaches an active intersection to turn left, they instinctively look for large vehicles and two headlights. This can cause them to completely overlook approaching motorcycles, enter the intersection, and turn in front of them. One of the most common types of motorcycle accidents involves the motorcyclist being cut off in this way, slamming into the side of the car. From an outside perspective, it might be easy to try to blame the motorcyclist for the crash, since they technically did run into the other vehicle.
  • “Blindness” in a driver is also a contributing factor when a driver sideswipes a motorcycle rider while trying to merge or change lanes. When glancing in rearview mirrors and looking over their shoulder, a driver is aware they need to look for large vehicles and two headlights. The smaller motorcycle with one headlight might be “invisible” to them in that moment, leading to the crash.
  • Motorcycles are also at risk of being rear-ended by negligent drivers who do not see them stopped at red lights, or who do not give them enough time to get started after a stop. Some motorcyclists need to get resituated briefly after coming to a total stop. In this momentary pause, the distracted driver can accelerate, hit the back of the motorcyclist, and topple them off their bike, potentially causing serious injury.

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